Our miracle son Max turns 9! Nine! His gift of life has fueled us as his parents to continue the fight for every man, woman, and child to have access to life-saving medical care!

This year – in honor of Max’s 9 years of life – we, Richard and Brooke and Maxwell Nungesser, are asking for a donation for our Zimbabwean partner/project leader/pastor extraordinaire —- Pastor Bigboy Ndebele who is on dialysis twice weekly.

Why Pastor Bigboy, you may ask?

Because he reaches out and helps sustain the lives of orphans. He makes sure they have food, safe places to live, and are given opportunities for education.

If there is harm in the home where a child resides – he intercedes and brings him/her to safety!

He cares for widows and widowers.

He lives selflessly for others.

We love our work in Zimbabwe and pray for Pastor Bigboy’s life to be long and full of as much health as humanly possible so that the mission to care for Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable continues!

From one survivor turning 9 (our Maxwell) – please join us in helping our Bread of Life hero, Pastor Bigboy Ndebele, worry less about finances so he can continue to care for entire villages of survivors!

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you,

Richard and Brooke Nungesser
Parents of Maxwell Nungesser
Partners in Ministry with Pastor Bigboy Ndebele, Team Bread of Life Zimbabwe

*Funding will be distributed through Bread of Life*